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150% Guarantee - The highest payout on the internet Our payments are 150-200% more than most other gold and diamonds buyers Your items are exactly weighed on a calibrated scale Payments are made on the same day as per NY Gold Spot Price of the day No minimum weights - No hidden fees Diamonds are graded as per GIA Specifications, using state of the art equipment Payments are determined by size, clarity, color and cut, giving you the most honest prices Forty years of experience in the purchasing scrap gold, diamonds and estates.



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    Our Mission

    Our mission and dedication is to satisfy all of our customers in every possible way, including paying for the exact weight and karat of your jewelry. By being associated with the elite of the jewelry and diamond manufactures and wholesalers, combined with minimal advertising and overhead, we are capable of paying you the “Fairer Prices” of any other "Website"/or "Brick and Mortar" jewelry store. Diamonds are our specialty and we evaluate all diamonds by GIA Industry Standards.

    We follow the high Gemological Institute of America Standards because we believe your jewelry may be the most important and significant asset you cherish. We purchase all types of jewelry, ranging from simple Engagement Rings too entire Estates. There is no item too small or too large for us to purchase.

    Highest Prices Paid For Gold And Diamonds

    Turn your unwanted gold, jewelry and diamonds into immediate cash – the most confidential and quickest way of obtaining cashNO INCOME CHECKS - NO CREDIT CHECKS - NO CREDIT AGENCIES,WILL BE CONFIDENTIAL.


    More than our competitors!

    Thousands of Satisfied Customers



    • All Scrap
    • - 10KT - 14KT - 18KT
    • Jewelry
    • Dental Scraps
    • Gold Bars
    • Watches & Pocket Watches
    • Foreign Gold Coins Service Pins
    • All Scrap
    • - 10KT - 14KT - 18KT
    • Jewelry
    • Dental Scraps
    • Gold Bars
    • Watches & Pocket Watches
    • Foreign Gold Coins Service Pins
    • Platinum & Diamond Jewelry
    • Enameled Gold Jewelry
    • Diamond Pins, Earrings & Rings
    • Diamond Bracelets
    • Gold Bracelets
    • Necklaces
    • Class Rings
    • Wedding Bands
    • Broken & Single Earrings
    • Emeralds
    • Rubies
    • Sapphires
    • Pearls
    • Rolex
    • Patek Philiippe
    • Omega,Panerai
    • Audemars Piquet
    • IWC
    • Hublot
    • Antiques & Others
    • Loose Stones(any cut)
    • Engagement Rings
    • Old Cuts
    • Chipped & Broken Diamondss
    • Dinnerware
    • Flatware
    • Candlesticks


    (UP TO $500 PAYMENT)

    GIFT CARD OF $100

    (UP TO $1000 PAYMENT)

    Sell Your Diamonds

    Top Prices For Your Diamonds (based on daily New York market prices).

    Our company will pay the highest, fairest and best prices for your diamonds (based on daily New York market prices). Cash For DiamondsTo accomplish this, each diamond will be carefully and completely graded for clarity, color, cut and carat weight, according to GIA standards. This international criteria and standard procedure gives us the information to determine our fair market value.

    Olympia Jewelry has the expert capability and experience in reselling to the "wholesale marketplace, diamond retailers and jewelry manufacturers", affording you the ability to get the highest prices possible.

    Your diamond will not be removed from it's setting prior to purchase. Grading will be done with instruments capable of appraising diamonds without removal.

    Examples of Price We Will Pay:

    Shape Carat Size Color Clarity Laboratory Payment
    Round 2.45 D FL GIA $67,000
    Round Brilliant 3.25 D VVS1 GIA $110,000
    Round 5.25 D FL GIA $326,000
    Marquee .87 F VS2 GIA $3,750-4,525
    Oval 1.58 E VS2 GIA $8,250-9,300
    Pear Shape 2.50 G SI1 GIA $14,235
    Princess .80 H SI2 GIA $2,850-3,200
    Radiant 4.30 F SI2 GIA $20,000-25,500
    Round 3.01 D SI1 GIA $24,000-26,000
    Round .72 D VS2 GIA $3,000-4,200
    Emerald 1.02 E VS2 GIA $5,200-5,300
    Radiant .70 F SI3 EGL $2,900-3,100
    Round 1.50 E SI1 GIA $8,100-8,700
    Oval 2.01 E SI1 EGL $11,500-13,000

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