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Tips for Selling Gold Jewelry


Follow these suggestions before selling your gold jewelry to ensure that the income you receive is worth parting with jewelry that frequently reflects precious memories.

Don’t act on impulse

Examine each piece of jewelry you want to sell extremely carefully. The majority of gold jewelry has sentimental significance. Make sure that the emotional worth of the item does not outweigh the cost. Broken jewelry, earrings with a missing pair, and obsolete jewelry with little emotional value are all good options.

Get an appraisal

Before selling antique or complicated jewelry to a customer that pays by weight, get it appraised. Designer or antique jewelry may be worth more as a finished item than the gold metal itself.

Know what you have

Only a small percentage of gold jewelry is created from pure gold. In the United States, most jewelry is made of 10-, 14-, or 18-karat gold, which is made up of gold and various alloys. You will only be compensated for the bits of your gold that are pure gold when you sell it.

Find a reputable buyer

Make sure the company you’re dealing with has a license to buy gold jewelry in your state. Ask if a firm is a member of a jewelry trade body, such as Jewelers of America, that compels its members to adhere to strict ethical standards. Consult the Better Business Bureau for more information. Check to see whether the firm has had any consumer complaints about the purchase or sale of gold jewelry.

Shop around

Before you choose a buyer, get various quotations from different firms. Depending on where you sell it, the offers you receive may differ dramatically.

Protect yourself

Document and photograph the objects before leaving them with – or mailing them to – a possible buyer. In the case of a loss, check the company’s recovery policy. If the stakes are high, make sure to obtain an assessment first!

Know the price of gold

It’s important to keep track of gold’s price fluctuations in order to sell your gold jewelry and to get the best deals.

Get realistic

Selling gold jewelry will not make you wealthy for most individuals. It could, however, provide you with some extra cash. Remember that you will only be compensated for the quantity of gold in your jewelry, less any refining costs that the firm may demand.

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