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What Is Placer Gold And How Much Is It Worth?


Let’s hope you aren’t yet accustomed to the term “placer gold”, but the followers of Wild West exactly know what we are talking about here. There’s a never-ending shifting through mud and rocks in a river with expectations to get gold. 


Placer Gold vs. Lode Gold – What is the difference?


Whenever it comes to gold mining, you will get two sources of golf deposits to make your choice from – lode and placer gold. 


Lodes are what you can generally expect to get while imagining miners going to their jobs. These are rocks and other minerals containing gold embedded within them. However, placer gold is an outcome of natural erosion. Whether it’s on regular course as rocks get self-weaken or result of water flowing over the rock, the original source of gold gets eroded and will be transported down a river. It isn’t only gold, other costly minerals are even transported with the gold, and found on the bottom of riverbeds as black sand. Gold that’s found in such sources is referred to as placer gold. 


It’s vital to note down that the first kind of gold is generally initiated within or nearby existing rivers and won’t be blocked by anything. The second gold type, deep level placers will be buried underneath solid stone or debris. 


Mining For Placer Gold


The basic mining process of placer gold is simple, only you need to perform certain acts ahead of starting with operations of mining gold. For serious gold miners, you need to identify the flow of water to collect the deposited gold. The process of placer gold mining is conducted by evaluating surface materials via a sluice container over a prospector’s pan. 


Before getting started with placer gold mining, make sure to consult an expert to make it a simple and cost-effective mining process. 


How Much Is Placer Gold Worth?


In case you’ve got placer gold, whether you mined it yourself or not, make sure you are aware of its worth in the market. First of all, placer gold mining often doesn’t result in as much gold as you can get with a more complex mining process. Although you can still make some great searches and earn some money in the end. 


That’s quite exciting, placer gold is most often sold for around the price of 24K Pure Gold. So, if you’ve got a good amount of placer gold, you can simply plan to sell it and make your money. It’s a perfect way to make some quick cash with placer gold. 


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