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Proven Methods for Testing your Bullion


When you are new in the world of trading gold and silver it can be very difficult for you as a beginner to
test for the quality of your gold and silver. Testing equipment for professional testing such as sonogram
machines can be quite expensive for any individual and it becomes impractical to invest in one. However,
armed with the right knowledge there are proven ways that you can determine the quality of your bullion on a very low budget.

Size and Weight:
Gold and silver are very dense metals. Gold is even denser than mercury. This means spotting a fake is
very easy just by determining the density of the metal. If you are persistent enough, perhaps you should
consider investing in a set of callipers and a jeweller’s scale. You can find the proper dimensions on the
product page, match the data with your specimen. This is generally a great indication of quality.

Fisch Tester:
If you are serious about investing in gold or silver, you might consider investing in Fisch Tester. The
dimensions of the machine are so crafted so as to facilitate passage of genuine coins only. While those
that do not fit remain to tip the tool on its fulcrum. Simple yet very effective.

Sound Test:
There is a certain chime when you strike authentic coins of gold or silver. This is perfectly explained by
Guy Christopher in his essay “Sound Money and the Ring of Truth”. Coins made of base metals sound
much duller and rings for a lower duration.

Magnetic Tests:
Keep in mind gold and silver are non-magnetic metals. If magnetic properties appear on your coins, it is
definitely a fake. Place a strong magnet in the vicinity of the gold or silver coin to test for the property.
Try to implement this test in conjunction with the other mentioned tests.

How to avoid fakes?
50-gram gold bars are the easiest to tamper with as they can be easily drilled and filled with low-value
base metals such as Tungsten, making it very difficult to mint into smaller items.
Tampering can be very difficult to do if you are buying units of 1 oz or smaller. Avoid deals that sound
too good to be true if you are not sure of the origin of the metal.

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