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CashForGoldAndDiamonds.com.com (a division of Olympia Ventures, Inc) is dedicated to the highest standards in the jewelry industry, with premier customer service. Olympia is located in New York, the world's center for the jewelry and diamond industry. We are registered members of the prestigious "Jewelry Board of Trade", the "Jewelers Vigilance Commitee" thereby adhering to the highest ethical procedures. Rated "A +" by the "Better Business Bureau" is an outstanding accomplishment and proof of overwhelming customer satisfaction. We offer you the most secure and expedient method of payment and shipment resulting in great customer satisfaction. Please refer to our Testimonials so that you may have a high comfort level using our "Proprietary System".


Our Mission

Our mission and dedication is to satisfy all of our customers in every possible way, including paying for the exact weight and karat of your jewelry. By being associated with the elite of the jewelry and diamond manufactures and wholesalers, combined with minimal advertising and overhead, we are capable of paying you the "Fairer Prices"


150% Guarantee - The highest payout on the internet Our payments are 150-200% more than most other gold and diamonds buyers Your items are exactly weighed on a calibrated scale Payments are made on the same day as per NY Gold Spot Price of the day No minimum weights - No hidden fees Diamonds are graded as per GIA Specifications, using state of the art equipment Payments are determined by size, clarity, color and cut, giving you the most honest prices Forty years of experience in the purchasing scrap gold, diamonds and estates.



All Scrap - 10KT - 14KT - 18KT
Dental Scraps
Gold Bars
Watches & Pocket Watches
Foreign Gold Coins Service Pins


Platinum & Diamond Jewelry
Enameled Gold Jewelry
Diamond Pins, Earrings & Rings
Diamond Bracelets
Gold Bracelets
Class Rings
Wedding Bands
Broken & Single Earrings


Loose Stones(any cut)
Engagement Rings
Old Cuts
Chipped & Broken Diamonds



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