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Cashing In

Act Now!! Gold, Diamonds and Silver at Historic Highs...

Your Unwanted gold, diamonds or silver can become an immediate means for a cash reward. We strive to satisfy your financial needs by paying you the highest and best prices (based on daily New York market prices).

Ronald Keller, Chief Executive Officer, is in charge of expediting your payment and brings his years of professional business service to cashforgoldandiamonds.com. Payment is made within 24 hours of receiving materials. A quick cash payment will benefit you in a multitude of situations.

Most companies will charge refining fees, inbound weight determination fees and other fees such as assay charges. We have no fees whatsoever. On shipments of less than 20 ounces, we use a graduated payment scale based on weight of shipment. Your payment will be calculated PER PENNYWEIGHT (DWT). Below are prices for shipments over 20 ounces and are calculated PER PENNYWEIGHT.

GOLD PRICES per pennyweight
Material 20-99 oz 100+ oz
9K 31.12 31.26
10K 34.00 34.45
14K 42.00 43.00
18K 52.00 53.00
Dental 40.00 40.75
22K coins 65.00 67.00
22K Scrap 65.00 67.00
24K Scrap 70.00 73.00
Platinum 75.00 77.00
Prices Based on $ 1,759 per ounce Gold Price

Cashforgoldanddiamonds.com has been proudly servicing internet customers for over 12 years with an outstanding record of honesty, integrity, professionalism and mailing security. We will pay the highest price for any jewelry and diamonds regardless of its size or condition. We will beat any other competitors bid. You are insured and entitled to 100% satisfaction.

Don't forget we have a triple "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau and will treat you jewelry with great care.

Looking forward to a fruitful transaction.


150% Guarantee - The highest payout on the internet Our payments are 150-200% more than most other gold and diamonds buyers Your items are exactly weighed on a calibrated scale Payments are made on the same day as per NY Gold Spot Price of the day No minimum weights - No hidden fees Diamonds are graded as per GIA Specifications, using state of the art equipment Payments are determined by size, clarity, color and cut, giving you the most honest prices Forty years of experience in the purchasing scrap gold, diamonds and estates.

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7 Good reasons to sell you jewlery

  • Purchase a new car
  • Down payment on a new house
  • Pay off debt
  • Purchase furuniture
  • Go to vacation
  • Pay for medical Expenses
  • Use for anything your heart desires