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About Us

Olympia Ventures, Inc. is experienced, devoted and committed to the utmost in excellent consumer practices and honesty. We will pay you the "HIGHEST PRICES" (based on daily New York market prices). Our goal is to strive to satisfy our customers in every possible way. Olympia Ventures, Inc. is a registered participant of the prestigious "Jewelry Board of Trade", "The Better Business Bureau" and "Jewelers Vigilance Committee." Each item is very carefully examined, evaluated and tested and is exactly weighed by the Pennyweight so that the customer receives full and fair compensation for their unwanted recycled jewelry.

Olympia Ventures, Inc. is associated with the elite of the jewelry and diamond manufacturers. Our contacts allow us to have access to the wholesale and retail jewelry industry thereby affording assurance of the "HIGHEST AND BEST PRICES" (based on daily New York market prices) for your diamonds and recycled precious jewelry.

All payments will be made within 24 hours of receipt of your merchandise. Please indicate your desired method of payment on the Inventory Record and Receipt form, which can be accessed in the Step by Step section. You will recieve payment by check. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, return payment within 7 days and your valuables will be returned free of charge. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed!!

At your discretion, you may register, insure and mail your valuables via the United States Post Office for up to $25,000.


Message from the Founder:


Hi, and welcome to Cash For Gold and Diamonds.com. where we pay the highest prices for gold, diamonds, silver and jewelry . You've come to the right place. We offer a reliable, safe and trusted way for you to get the maximum value for your jewelry. _We earned the best "A Plus" Rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Cash for Gold and Diamonds evaluates every piece of jewelry sent to us. Gold in any form is accepted for evaluation; diamond engagement rings, bracelets, rings, watches and coins - you name it we buy it. Each piece is weighed on calibrated inspected scales and payments are based on the real-time NY Gold Spot Price. All evaluations are made by state of the art equipment and your diamonds are never removed and your jewelry is never disfigured.

Don't forget Silver It's at an all time high. We pay the highest prices for silver, .. any item marked sterling silver, .925 or .900. If you are not sure of the contents, mail in the items Free of Charge , and we will evaluate them for you.


Diamonds are brilliant and transparent, and so is the process of selling them. We grade each diamond on clarity, color, cut and carat weight according to GIA standards. This international criteria and standard procedure gives us the information to determine a fair market value. NEED MORE HERE.


We are serious about customer satisfaction. Cash for Gold and Diamonds has been in operation for 40 successful years, and the founder, Ronald Keller, has been in the jewelry business for X decades. The contacts we have developed during that time allow us access to the wholesale and retail jewelry industry, which is the reason we can pay out high and fair prices for jewelry. The experts we work with use the latest equipment to precisely measure and weigh each item, and even damaged jewelry finds new life due to re-cutting and refurbishing techniques. We are a registered participant of the prestigious Jewelry Board of Trade, the Better Business Bureau, and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. These associations, and the others we belong to, aren’t just for show, they ensure you get the best customer service possible, the highest prices for your jewelry, and an overall fair and satisfactory experience.

Our Process

Our simple process is the result of decades of trading experience. Each item received is given the individual attention it deserves, with careful examination, evaluation, and testing. You can begin at any time by filling out the form to the right. It will provide you with an inventory list and a postage paid mailing label. Then simply securely package your materials following the instructions. We will provide you with an offer price within just 24 hours of receiving your package, and payments are made within 24 hours if you accept the offer. Their is no risk for you, and no cost, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our offer price, we will immediately return your merchandise at no charge.

Wrap Up

Cash for Gold and Diamonds is a trusted, honest, and simple way for you to get the highest prices for your unwanted gold, diamonds and silver. We have a quick, secure, and risk-free process to determine the value of your jewelry, and we can pay you in just 24 hours. Please browse the website, read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers, and at any time fill out the form to the right to get started.

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7 Good reasons to sell you jewlery

  • Purchase a new car
  • Down payment on a new house
  • Pay off debt
  • Purchase furuniture
  • Go to vacation
  • Pay for medical Expenses
  • Use for anything your heart desires


150% Guarantee - The highest payout on the internet Our payments are 150-200% more than most other gold and diamonds buyers Your items are exactly weighed on a calibrated scale Payments are made on the same day as per NY Gold Spot Price of the day No minimum weights - No hidden fees Diamonds are graded as per GIA Specifications, using state of the art equipment Payments are determined by size, clarity, color and cut, giving you the most honest prices Forty years of experience in the purchasing scrap gold, diamonds and estates.